Saturday, October 16, 2004

Lazy Day

Today I wore socks around the house. This can only mean one thing. I have a fever. It's like maybe 1 degree higher than normal (and mine is usually in the low 97s,) so I am not even close to 100 degrees, but I am achey and chilled. I think that is so strange.

If I was a bettor, I'd lay money on these symptoms being gone tomorrow, completely. I do this every so often, which I think is even more strange. And, if this is like the other times, then I'd be making a pretty sure bet.


Ms. Boo keeps using the word "disappear" when she can't find something. "It disappeared, mom!"

Tonight, Ms. Boo put on a new pair of pjs that had a huge Elmo, head to toe. Mr. Bug, much to our surprise, pointed to her and said "AAAAH MOOOOOOOO!" Then he kept shouting "AAAH MOOOOOO! AAAH MOOOOOO!" Over and over again. This didn't stop until Boo got too hot and took off the pjs so she could run around in her underwear.

Boo threw a fit tonight at bedtime b/c she wanted her "face mask." My sister sent a little toiletries kit to Boo that she got from the airline on a recent trip to England. It contained that little mask for the eyes to keep the light out. Well, we couldn't find it at bedtime. Much crying ensued.

After calming her down, and promising to look for it (again) I walked out of her room and found it right away. So, after about an hour of hysteria, I gave her the mask, she put it on, and promptly fell asleep. The funny part is, she won't let us close her bedroom door, b/c she wants the light from the living room to come in her room.

Oh, Bug can say "puppy" too.

Has anyone tried to instant message me lately? I am trying to figure out if Norton Internet Security is blocking people's IM attempts.

Now, I will go take another ibuprofen, and go back to bed.

Unofficial poll:
Tylenol or Ibuprofen?


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