Monday, October 10, 2005

foot stamping

foot stamping
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Ms. Bao got her foot stamped onto official paperwork at the Civil Affairs Bureau. They pulled out the "special" red ink that is used for chops (stamps made from stone) in China. We quickly pulled out Bao's basket and asked if they would stamp her foot on its lid too. We have one of these baskets for each of our children and we got them stamped with their footprints at the hospital. I was so thrilled that they were eager to grant our request. And, like Boo and Bug's baskets that were signed by doctors and nurses, we are collecting signatures of several officials and workers from the orphanage and our agency. It is looking pretty cool.

We don't have many pictures with good scenery, but we are hoping to go get a few today. The Green Lake area is beautiful, and I told Paul we needed to get some pictures of Bao at the lake before we leave.

Our appointment today was our last until we visit the orphanage on Thursday. So, who knows what we will find around the city during the next few days. But it will be nice to have time to do "whatever."

On our ride to do paperwork today, we drove by a park where we saw several games of netless badminton in progress. Just down the way from those was a large group of women practicing what looked like Tai Chi, all holding swords!

Yesterday at the Green Lake, we came upon groups of 4 people playing a game at little tables. The pieces looked sort of like dominoes, but the pictures on each were very different than anything I've ever seen. I couldn't make any sense of the game. It seemed like everyone was playing at the same time. One woman who was watching a game, was knitting while she watched. She was KNITTING WITHOUT LOOKING. Amazing. I have seen lots of women around here who are working on some knitting project.

We also did some shopping yesterday near the lake, trying to pass some time before going to get Bao. We got seriously worked over by one merchant where we bought a few gifts and had a chop made for Bao. We watched her carve it right there while we waited.

She kept trying to get us to buy two of everything, saying that 2 is a lucky number in China. (Of course so is 6, 8, and 9!!!) It was so funny. She kept saying she'd give us a good deal. By American standards, we really didn't spend much for what we bought, but we walked away laughing and wondering how much we'd just been taken for.

Anyway, I am itching to get taken for a little more, so I'm going to get outta here. Thanks for reading y'all. We love getting your comments and keeping you updated.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exciting to have them put the foot prints on the basket for you!!! I sorta did a happy scream when I read that!!! How special!!! Still can't wait to see you guys. Beth

Mon Oct 10, 01:41:00 PM  
Anonymous mom said...

The domino-like game was probably mahjong. You can play it on the internet or print out pix of the game pieces to get some good ideas for Chinese themes for things you want to make for Bethany. It sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation with the bonus of bringing back the greatest souvenir ever.
Love you!

Tue Oct 11, 12:24:00 AM  

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