Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Bamboo orange
Bamboo orange,
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- because I awoke to find that this guy has taken up residence in my stomach.

- because I am wondering what kind of mom lets her son go around with a fever for five days(figuring it is a virus and it will go away) but then forgets to call the doctor until the day before leaving for two weeks because the fever really HASN'T gone away.

- because it is past 9:00 am and my kids are still sleeping. That's allowed for the sick one, but the fact that my "well" child is still sleeping has me suspicious that she is not all that well.

- because I can't find that red shirt I bought specifically for the trip.

- because I can't find either of Bugs's two pairs of sneakers

... and it's only 9 am.



Anonymous Linda said...

Praying for your trip and hope that everything goes smoothly in the next day or so until you leave. Will also be praying for the kids while you are gone. What a wonderful homecoming it will be for all 5 of you! Love, Linda

Wed Oct 05, 03:09:00 PM  

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