Saturday, October 08, 2005

We Made it!

Hey all. Thanks for all the comments. We haven't been able to get online until now and it was nice to hear from so many of you already.

Well, we're in Kunming. We spent the night in Guangzhou and flew here this morning. It is nice and cool here. As soon as I am done with this we are going out to poke around the city for a while, buy a stroller for Bao. See what we can find. It will be our only time to go out without a little one, so we don't want to miss it.

The trip here was pretty smooth. The weight limit for each bag was 50 lbs. Ours weighed 50.5 and 51.0 lbs. The guy at the check-in counter did us a $260 favor by letting it slide. Geez, you'd think some people were praying for us, or something. Another favor that was greatly appreciated came from a stranger on the 13 hour flight from Detroit to Tokyo. Paul and I got on the plane, looked at our boarding passes, and realized we weren't seated next to each other! So, thanks to the lady who switched seats with me. It was a crowded flight!

Now that we are in Kunming, we are just anxious to get Ms. Bao. It is strange to know that we're in the same city, but we can't see her. We will meet her at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon, which is 2:30 am Eastern time. So, hopefully, by the time you read this again, we will have some photos posted.

Bye for now. We're off to do some shopping!

P.S. For those of you who were going out to personalize a gift for Bao, you might want to hold off. Her middle name is being reconsidered. More on that later.