Monday, October 10, 2005

Out and About

I don't know why I can't place these photos within the text, but anyway, here they are. The first is a picture from dinner last night. We finally got Bao to eat some squash. We followed it up with some rice noodles. She just loves them! It is common for me to call my babies "noodle head." So, obviously, she will fit right in.

The other two pictures were from our walk around the Green Lake area. The whole place is beautiful. I took a whole lot of pictures, and then we went shopping! Usually that isn't my thing so much. But we are trying to find gifts for Bao from China and I am having fun looking in all the shops.

We got to talk to Boo and Bug last night. Bug didn't really want to talk to me. Kelly said he was having a hard time the other night, and doesn't get into looking at pictures of us. It is all understandable, but for those of you who are praying, please remember to pray for my other babies too. Boo sounded really good, but we still have 9 days to go.

Bao finally pooped this morning. I know, just what you wanted to read... but it is something I was a little concerned about. She kept trying, but nothing happened. So, I was happy to change her diaper this morning.

She also has a rash that looks a bit like heat rash. It isn't bothering her, but it seems to be spreading. I don't think it is anything major, but it is a slight concern, since it is spreading. Otherwise, she is doing great. Of course the demented part of me keeps wondering when something is going to go wrong.... It just seems like things are going too smoothly. Thanks for all of your prayers. They are felt!

I think we are meeting with Li today to determine what kinds of outings we want to plan as a group. There are several attractions around Kunming which are farther than our feet will take us. Hopefully we will get to see a bunch of good sites...

Y'all let me know if there is something specific you want me to hear about, or what other kinds of pics you might want to see.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Once again very adorable little girl you have! You are blessed.
On the rash..... the nurse in me wants to ask, could you have introduced a new food she has not had before? You mentioned peas earlier I thought and then you mentioned squash? Just a thought to ease your mind. Did you have to stay for this long? Or was it by choice? Just curious. Oh....are you buying stock in rice noodles!!!! B

Mon Oct 10, 09:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Jill Geswein said...

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Mon Oct 10, 10:24:00 PM  

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