Monday, November 14, 2005


I don't know why this struck my as cute, but it did. Ms. Boo was playing waitress and was taking my order. I was holding Bao.

Boo: What would you like?
Me: I'd like a hamburger and french fries.
Boo: To drink?
Me: Water, please.
Boo: And for the baby?
Me: Noodles.
Boo: Would you like that with potatoes, carrots, or chicken?
Me: I'd like that with chicken and carrots, please.
Boo: Well, we don't really take it that way. (Yes, she said "take.")
Me: I can't get carrots and chicken?
Boo: It just comes with one.
Me: I just wanted the carrots and the chicken mixed in.
Boo: Well, we don't really take it that way. But I can bring them both and you can mix it if you want.
Me: That would be fine.

Who knew that the pretend restaurant was so strict!
A conversation that I recently had with Mr. Bug went like this:

Bug: I love you.
Me: I love you, too.

Man, to hear your kid say that without being prompted. He's only just started doing that. I like it - A LOT!



Anonymous mom a said...

That's how I used to feel about you kids. I never thought there could ever be kids as great as my girls, but grandkids are even better. I love conversations with them; one never knows the direction of the conversation until after it's done.

Tue Nov 15, 03:58:00 AM  

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