Thursday, July 26, 2007

Four Things: The Un-Meme

I am keeping busy. Not harried or anything, just busy. Four things seem to be taking up most of my time lately:

1. My class.

2. Searching for/bidding on used homeschool curricula.

3. Exercising. Shut UP, so much exercising.

4. A photo compilation project. No, this is not just a fancy term for scrapbooking, but if I tell you any more, I will ruin a surprise, so I will leave it at this: I am trying to upload a bunch of digital pictures. On a dial-up connection. Enough said.

And, because you care so deeply about these details of my life, I will now elaborate:

First, the class. Just in case you were wondering, I most certainly did ni some hao on the first exam. (Quiz, actually. There won't be an exam.) I got every question right, including the five bonus questions. This is a good thing because when we went on with class after that quiz, I soon realized that the first quiz will most certainly be the easiest.

I should also mention that I finally figured out (though I had a guess from the context) what Addie's "hen kuai" comment meant. We learned "hen" (very) last week, and this Tuesday we learned "kuai" (fast.) I smiled big when my professor wrote that word. Made me think of my bloggy buddies.

I'm not even going to get into the tones associated with those words. Tones are another story. I'm convinced that my attempts to say something simple like "what is your name" are really coming out as "you look like my big toe." It's all in the tones....

Tone is also a factor in my search for curricula. The general "tone" of homeschooling last year with Ms. Boo was "uuuugh." Not terrible, but not exactly fun. And a little bit tedious. Kudos to the Boo-ster for sticking with the same. routine. every. day.

So, after a lot of thinking and searching, I have decided that we will be doing the following this year: (for those of you who care.)
And, I swear I didn't plan this: But while we are on the topic of "tone" I would just like to tell you that my arms and legs actually have some. For the first time in I don't know how long. So, I thought I would share with you the list of things I like about losing weight:
  • Those skorts that I had to put away last summer because they were WAY. TOO. TIGHT? Well, they are hanging loosely on my hips now.
  • My back doesn't hurt.
  • My skin looks better.
  • I feel less tired
  • I feel less cranky
  • And I feel like maybe life in the low 130's is possible in the near future.
So, you are all caught up.

I'll see you next year...

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Blogger Carla said...

You are doing so great with the Mandarin. We bought a CD set expecting it to be similar to what we hear in Macaroni Grill with Italian. It's all Mandarin and we have NO idea what they are saying. But the boys are repeating each word!

Guess we will be signing up for the actual classes once we are home (and recovered). :)

Homeschool curricula is so hard. I thought we had it figured out well for the boys, and 20 days into everything and I'm already hearing the complaints! This does NOT bode well.

Thu Jul 26, 01:43:00 PM  
Blogger Luisa Perkins said...

You're cruising! That's so awesome.

Thu Jul 26, 05:32:00 PM  
Blogger Noodle said...

Ah, your post made me get off my hiney and order the rest of our homeschool items -- Apologia Zoology and English from the Roots Up. Oh, and the seller had an inexpensive Colonial America book by Christian Liberty, so I got that too! :)

Fri Jul 27, 01:21:00 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hey Lou, I'm at it again. Come on over to see what I've given you and to receive your award!

Fri Jul 27, 11:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please explain how memes are used in string theory. Only it's not string theory's membrane theory. Or is it wave theory? Or everything theory?

Mon Jul 30, 01:07:00 AM  
Anonymous favorite sister said...

Oh. That was me. I hate anonymous. Screen names are okay but anonymous is just wrong.

Mon Jul 30, 01:10:00 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

*big sigh* I hope I get to go back to homeschooling sooner rather than later. I miss making a list like that.

Tue Jul 31, 09:59:00 AM  

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