Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because I Just Can't Take it Anymore

I stopped blogging. Haven't done it in months.

But, on a whim, I decided to check my blog stats tonight. And, may I just say?

You people creep me out.

Of the 140 stats that I looked through, nearly 26% were for hits on my post entitled "Can A Person Eat Too Much Asparagus?" Apparently, people from all over the world are googling the phrases "too much asparagus" and "can a person eat too much asparagus." (I'm the number one entry on that last search. Which only proves what I have been saying all along: when it comes to inane, nobody does it better.)

But I'm thinking that if asparagus is the legacy I have left the blogosphere, then I should have left sooner.

Regardless, the thing I want to know is WHY? It's not because you are looking for a good asparagus recipe. The asparagus post that is garnering all this attention didn't contain the recipe. And, according to my stats, only one of the thirty-six hits on that post resulted in someone clicking on the recipe link therein.

So, I need to know. PLEASE! If you are one of the people who keeps googling "too much asparagus" or some such nonsense, can you tell me what, exactly, you are trying to find?

Because this crazy obsession with asparagus is kind of creepy.