Thursday, December 21, 2006

Public Service Announcement

For those of you who are using any browser other than Internet Explorer AND also using McAfee for your virus protection, please read the following:

You can't renew your McAfee subscription unless you have Internet Explorer. Don't worry though, because the folks at McAfee are really nice about it, what with giving you the link to download it and all.

Of course before you download, Microsoft will need to know what version of Windows you are using. And don't worry if none of the options they give look like anything you have ever seen before, because they are really nice about it and tell you how to figure it out if you are too stupid haven't developed your computer literacy enough to know that already.

But just so you know, Microsoft will need to validate that your computer is actually using Microsoft products. Which makes total sense, of course, because we all know how those crazy Mac users are always trying to download Microsoft products. Just to, you know, see if they CAN.

Oh, and don't worry that that validation thing will require a plug-in. They show you how to do that too. And while you are waiting the estimated 23 minutes for the latest version of IE that you will never use except once a year to renew your McAfee subscription is downloading, you can put together a fun post for your blog. It would go something like this:

Look... 11% downloaded. Quick! Someone figure out what 89% of twenty three minutes is!

I know you think this is a whole lot of madness, but I'm telling you it is all WORTH IT! You do NOT want your computer to catch a virus. That, my friend, could lead to ALL MANNER madness on your computer, and fixing it would require that you become its slave. You'd be sitting there staring at it for, like - ever - trying to get it to perform one simple task, and it would take you something like 10 times longer than you thought to accomplish it.

You do NOT want that. No, you do NOT!

(Look! 27%)



Anonymous Cup-a-Joe said...

Or you could scrap the whole thing and get a Mac which on top of being easier to use, more stable, and MUCH more user friendly, is also much less likely to ever even NEED ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE.

Sat Dec 30, 02:47:00 PM  

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