Saturday, December 02, 2006


What Boomama did in one year has taken me two and a half years to accomplish, but I've accomplished it nonetheless.

Post #500.

To celebrate, I give you the recap of some of my favorite posts - because there is nothing like commemorating your 500th post by NOT posting something new.

Bringing home my baby!
My housekeeping failures exposed

Feed my narcissism
Some of my quirks
Some more of my quirks
Uh, more?
My rules about ice cream. (Everyone has rules about ice cream, right?)
Silly things I like
Why PEZmama? (List has not been updated.)
A "Me" meme

My favorite funny ones
My uncool blog
Cleaning tips
Annoyed Lady
ABC Meme

A few rants
Forwarded mail
The one about how I'm supposed to want more stuff
Illogical fundraising

Learn of me
Chemistry nerdiness
Where science meets my faith
Ten things you might never have known

On the phrase "you are so good"
On the phrase "she is so fortunate"
Our referral

Learning from God's Word


Blogger Shalee said...

Congrats Lori. By 500, is there really anything original to say? I'd say yes!

(Oh, and it's not a race is it? I'd have to get hopping if that were the case...)

Mon Dec 04, 11:48:00 AM  
Anonymous favorite_sister said...

That's the first time I saw your ice cream rant. Have to say you are right on, sister.

Except for this. Vanilla is not the most boring flavor. Good vanilla is very hard to find. Mostly because people are willing to accept over-suagred foods with bulk substances in them and vanilla-like flavor.

And there was a medical study done on ice cream preferences. Vanilla people are the most outgoing, complex personalities of the ice cream eating world. It's my favorite flavor. What does that tell you?

So there.

Woooooooooooo 500.

Wed Dec 13, 07:42:00 PM  

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