Thursday, January 04, 2007

Books, Blessings, and Well Being

Well, that about sums up 2006. Books, Blessings, and Well-Being. It was a good year.

The books, you've heard all about. All too often. But that was a big accomplishment for me. For the most part, I enjoyed the reading. This year, my first book-related goal will be reading the Bible. (I'm still planning on starting the 90 Day reading plan on January 10. Let me know if you want to join... there is still time.) Though reading through the Bible is more than just a reading goal for me, it is probably also the only reading goal that I have set for myself this year. But the reading list in my sidebar has been updated. And yes, it pained me to have to remove all the books I'd already read.

The Bible reading is part of a larger goal of maintaining the well-being that seemed to return to me sometime in 2006. I shared previously about the treatment for my depression. I'm done with the medicine, and I don't see my therapist anymore. And I am feeling pretty good. YAY! The more I go on feeling good, the more I develop a war-like mentality about not getting depressed again... and doing as much as I can possibly do to keep that from happening.

In light of that, I have developed a bit of a wellness plan. It includes a plan for losing weight (which I would also like to do because diabetes runs in my family,) but it isn't rigid. I am trying to work out, drink more water, eat more fruits/veggies and fewer desserts. No major dieting aside from watching what I eat and introducing some more healthful foods. I am writing everything down for a few months (how much I drink, if I took my vitamin, whether I exercised, etc.) I hope it will help me see patterns in my eating and weight loss and if I have accomplished (or majorly messed up) anything.

The chart I am keeping even includes a space to check if I have done my daily Bible reading or my Fly Lady mission. Keeping the house in order certainly plays into the level of stress I feel. The daily time with God is huge though - and not just in regard to my depression.

All of this to say that I am working towards some lifestyle changes. I don't know when I'll be out of the "working on it" phase and into the "accomplished it" phase. But that's not really something I am concerned about as much as making small changes as I can.

Finally, I am certain beyond any degree of doubt that the year 2006 was rife with blessings. I don't even know why I started the blessings blog, but I am so glad I did. It has altered my perspective, and my attitude too, I think! I will continue to record my blessings for 2007 because I know I need to keep up the habit of recognizing (and expecting) God's provision. But, as I begin to focus on some other things, I think my goal for the blessing blog will not be as lofty as it was last year.

So here's to 2007 (and to unimaginative ends to mediocre narrative.)

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Blogger Jennifer said...

I love the booky chat! I just posted a list of some of my favorite books and some that I hope to read in 2007 HERE (I don't know that I will read all of them, but we'll see).

In my favorites section, there are two books listed that always get me all fired up to eat more fruits and veggies. When I end up doing that, I usually do end up eating less junk and losing weight as well. I need to re-read, and get back on track myself.

Happy New Year, and good luck with the Bible. That's an ambitious plan.

Thu Jan 04, 06:48:00 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I love your Blessings Blog idea!

Found you through BooMama

Sun Jan 07, 11:36:00 PM  

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