Saturday, July 10, 2004

Code Word: Clever

Ms. Boo has been coming up with some doozeys lately. A few days ago, Mr. Bug started crying and I suspected that she'd hurt him. So, I began to question her about it. Here is how it went.

Me: did you hurt him?
Boo: no
Me: did you do something to make him cry?
Boo: I "macked" him
Me: what does that mean?
Boo: I "macked" him
Me: what does that MEAN?
Boo: I just "macked" him
Me: show me what that is...

Ms. Boo proceeds to demonstrate how she smacked him. Interesting how her clever mind is already figuring out ways around things... but there is more

Yesterday, same scenario... only this time they were in the back yard "playing together" when I hear Mr. Bug. He is trying to get into the house, crying wildly, and his shirt is covered with dirt. So, I go to Ms. Boo:

Me: what happened?
Boo: we were playing
Me: why is he crying?
Boo: we were playing, and I gave him the bumpy turtle, but he didn't want it, and he walked over there, so I gave him the bumpy turtle and I went to the sandbox.... and.... and....and (at this point I am not following the story)

Now, we have this little plastic turtle that they play with sometimes, and at this point all I can figure is that she gave him this toy to try to console him after she had somehow hurt him. So, trying to get to the bottom of it, I continue...

Me: why is he crying? did you hurt him?
Boo: I GAVE HIM the BUMPY TURTLE, but he didn't want it!
(Now I am wondering...)
Me: show me the bumpy turtle.

So Ms. Boo takes me over to the sandbox (Which is a turtle shape) and shows me the lid (The inside of which is covered with dirt) and says "Here," pointing to the middle of it. When I ask her what she did with that, she explains how she TRAPPED HIM UNDERNEATH IT and from what I think she is saying, proceeded to hit the top of it! Huh, and to think Mr. Bug didn't want the bumpy turtle!

I discovered another code word today, when Boo told me that she "dogged" Mr. Bug. Which, after interrogation, I determined to be the equivalent of pushing him.

I have to laugh at how clever she is. But man! She can be mean, sometimes!

Maybe I can use this to my benefit. Can't you just hear me now? ... "CUT THAT OUT BEFORE I GIVE YOU THE BUMPY TURTLE!"




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