Thursday, July 08, 2004


My whole family just went with the Days and got treated to Graeter's ice cream. It was nice to see them again. I miss them.


Crazy thing happened today. Not crazy, but providential. Paul and I took the kids to the Miamisburg library for story time. As we sat waiting for it to start, some people sat behind us. When I turned around, I saw a mother with a little girl.... a little Chinese girl. I smiled, then agonized over how long it took to get through the four books, the movie, the awful puppet show about Pecos Bill and an alien from outer space, and the craft. I just wanted to talk to this lady!

When it was (FINALLY) over, I didn't know what to say because I didn't want to start with something rude like "Is she adopted?" I have no idea what I said, but I was quickly able to share that we would be adopting from China too. We talked for the next 10 minutes and I found out - get this - that they live in our town! She and her husband should be getting a referral for their second daughter some time this month. And she knew someone else from here who just came home with their first. Crazy. She gave me business cards for the agencies they used, her name and phone number, and a name for the support group they attend for families w/ kids from China. Holy schnikeys. It was awesome.

In the mean time, we have no idea how we are going to pay for all of this. It just occurred to us that all the savings/investments we used in calculating our net worth would also have to be used to pay for the adoption process... so the money we have that makes us "worthy" in the eyes of the Chinese government is the same money that will be disappearing as this process goes on! I know, it ain't rocket science, but we really have no idea what we are doing and haven't thought everything through. I feel trapped by all of it. I've never cared much about having lots of money, so having to think this much about where it will all come from is stressful.


Mr. Bug got his first real haricut today. All those beautiful little curls are gone. He looks like a big boy. I like the new look, but I think I liked the curls better.


I am actually beginning to get depressed about how little I understand about world events, politics, etc. The presidential election and the "war" on terrorism are particularly confusing, and seem to be all about spin. Honestly, I don't know who to believe about what, and I feel like a complete idiot when it comes to forming rational opinions about any of it. I have a hunch that no one really knows the real truth and that many who have an opinion haven't really investigated it much beyond what someone else has told them. I don't know which is worse... not having enough sense to figure out the truth, or blindly believing everything that someone else tells you.


I have devised an ingenious method for obtaining retirment security.

Name your child something awful. Make it really bad... worthy of humiliating jokes and lifelong torment.

Doing so will ensure that your child is tortured relentlessly on the playground, in their neighborhood, and anywhere large groups of children are found. Your child will develop such a complex about it that he will spend the rest of his life seeking to right the wrongs he suffered. He will be driven to succeed at everything he does just for the sheer pleasure of one day returning to his tormentors and "sticking it to them" with the story of his success as a (fill in some lucrative profession.) In the mean time, your kid will be so stinking rich that you will be spending your retirment days living in a Florida condo and golfing with your own caddie.

Or not.


I am making another quilt. Enjoying the process. I also finished making a pair of pajama pants for myself. Also quite enjoyable, especially because they fit and are comfy.

In fact, I think I am going to go put those on.

G'nite everybody.


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