Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Freak me out... I'm gonna be a mom!

I, along with the rest of my family, am about to embark upon what might be the scariest thing I have ever done. Upon further investigation, it appears that China would likely find our financial situation acceptable and allow us to adopt.


I am almost crying here. I think that having a baby naturally was less scary than this. But, thanks to all of you who prayed. Please continue to pray that the homestudy process, which is long and tedious, would go as smoothly as possible... and that throughout it I would be open to whatever God wants to teach me - however he wants to do it.

I have a journal for each of my children in which I write letters to them every few months. I started them when I was pregnant with each. So, to continue the tradition, I started writing to our newest baby last night. The cool thing is, her mom probably isn't pregnant yet! I get to write to my baby that doesn't even exist yet! Praying for her is even cooler!!!!

My other babies are fantastically precious. Tonight I was making some videotape of Mr. Bug. I asked him where his nose was and he pointed to it. Same with his belly. Then toes. I knew he would know those. Then I asked him where his ear was, thinking it would be cute to see what he pointed to. Well, he pointed to his ear. Then I asked hand, and he got that too. Then he got hair and eye. I didn't even know he knew those. This prompted me to smother him with hugs, kisses, and squeals of "good job, smart boy!" He is just the best.

A few days ago, I was quietly instructing Ms. Boo about proper ettiquette when wearing a dress. After listening for a while she said, "Right, right. I'll remember that."

Well, I still have a lot of other things on my mind, but I don't have the time to get it all down now. One of these days, right?

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