Saturday, June 24, 2006

One small blessing, one big blessing

Today, while shopping at a nearby discount store, I found a whole peg hook full of MY pens. I wrote about my search for the pens here, but had yet to find any - until today. It's been a while.

And don't think this won't go on my blessings list.

That, by the way, was the little blessing.

The big blessing is for someone else. Barbara, over at Mommy Life, has posted a picture of a little Chinese boy with Down Syndrome who is waiting to be adopted. Apparently, Chinese officials have not allowed DS kids to be adopted in the past. In this case, someone needs to agree to adopt him by July 1 or he will no longer be available for adoption. AND, if he isn't adopted, apparently they will not offer any more DS kids for adoption. (So they will all grow up in institutions.) The great news is that a donor has offered to fund the adoption. Maybe you could be this child's new mom or dad, and what a huge blessing that would be. For you. For the boy. For lots of other DS kids in China. Read more about it here.


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