Monday, July 24, 2006

My Vain Imagination

Have you ever held something against someone because of the way you imagined they would respond to something? Or because of something that you aren't really certain they did, but you have convinced yourself they are guilty of?

I had to ask someone to forgive me for that last night.

Does anyone else do this?


Blogger Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I had such a big grudge against a woman at our church - on staff as I was - that I avoided her for TWO YEARS. Every time we'd have communion and they'd say that awful "if you have anything against anyone, pass up communion, go to your brother or sister...." it haunted me. Finally after being miserable about it for two whole years I called and asked to meet with her. When we sat and talked I kept my mouth shut as she told me how I'd hurt her. I confessed the grudge I had against her. When she asked me to list her "sins" I told her, nope - I'd already blown it enough for a lifetime and wouldnt be going there. Amazingly she and I are dear friends now. Every time we see each other a new sense of forgiveness comes over me. That God can restore relationships we so mess up - amazes me every single time I see her. It felt awful to go through - wonderful this side of it.

Tue Jul 25, 09:41:00 AM  
Blogger sarahgrace said...

Yes. Groan...I have so done this before only to find that things are not at all what I thought. Good for you for taking care of it.

Tue Jul 25, 01:16:00 PM  

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